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"The company that offers a customized Native American experience."
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We are the friendly company that personalizes the experience! Antelope Slot Canyon Tours has much to offer for those traveling through or staying awhile. We specialize in individual travelers, as well as special groups, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to explore the beautiful Lake Powell region and the neighboring tranquil desert and majestic canyons of the Navajo Nation.

Whether you’re seeking a simple or rugged adventure, photographic tours, Native American culture education, nature hikes, storytelling over a campfire, Native American stargazing, hidden cathedral tapestry canyons or just a pleasant native earth massage to help you unwind. Chief Tsosie and his native guides have the right tour for you. Antelope Slot Canyon Tours will work closely with your imagination to put together a customized tour or special cultural event for your group. We'll do the work and the driving you just sit back and tell us where to go!

You’re invited to join Chief Tsosie and his knowledgeable, experienced guides for a customized, personalized experience of this natural cathedral of vibrant hues and wonderment. We look forward to treating our guests to an unforgettable experience! Chief Tsosie awaits your call. – 1.928.645.5594

Antelope Slot Canyon Tours
by Chief Tsosie

55 S. Lake Powell Blvd.
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